Introducing: Health Ranger Select Fermented Chlorella Tablets


What do you get when you combine a natural protein-packed superfood with the probiotic effects of fermentation? Health Ranger Select Fermented Chlorella Tablets.

We've infused the power of chlorella with the benefits of fermentation. This way, you're sure to get the optimal amount of nutrients and maximum benefits from nature's "perfect superfood."

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Why Fermented Chlorella?

For a microscopic plant, chlorella possesses surprisingly thick cell walls made of tough cellulose. The single-celled algae can be difficult to digest, which hampers the absorption of the nutrients stored inside.

Most commercial chlorella manufacturers use physical or chemical processes to reduce the thickness of these cell walls. Other times, they outright crack open the chlorella using sound waves or other means. Though effective at bypassing the thick barriers, these methods can also degrade the contents within.

Enter the fermentation process. It's an innovative cultivation and drying process which ensures that fermented chlorella is easier to digest, with improved bioavailability of its treasure trove of nutrients.

Introducing the CLEANEST Chlorella on Earth

Meticulously grown indoors in tightly controlled conditions in South Korea, our fermented chlorella has passed through rigorous screening and verification before arriving in our store.

Not only is our fermented chlorella tested for heavy metals, it's also tested for microbiological contamination and other safety concerns. Our entire facility is certified organic and operates in compliance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

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The proven benefits of chlorella

Incorporating chlorella into your diet can yield a whole range of benefits. Thanks to its plethora of nutrients, chlorella can:**

Boost antioxidant activity

Chlorella can assist the body's natural process in neutralizing free radicals.

Promote healthy aging

Chlorella can help support the actions of nutrients that may help improve your visible appearance.

Assist with weight-loss plans

Chlorella has the ability to support numerous metabolic processes that may help maintain body weight within the normal range, especially when combined with regular exercise.

Support the immune system

Various studies have shown that chlorella may be helpful for immune-system support.

Bind with toxic elements

Chlorella can help boost the body's natural elimination of toxic heavy metals.

Not All Chlorella Supplements Are Created Equal

When it comes to ensuring its purity and cleanliness, Health Ranger Fermented Chlorella is well ahead of other Chlorella supplements.

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Carefully sourced: We get our high-quality chlorella from South Korea instead of China.

Meticulously grown: Our chlorella is grown indoors in tightly controlled conditions to prevent contamination.

Rigorously lab-verified: Every batch of chlorella we produce is carefully screened for heavy metals, using the strictest standards in the industry.

Certified kosher: People of all backgrounds deserve access to one of nature's best superfoods.

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A remarkable fusion of the best parts of the perfect natural food and the healthy fermentation process, Health Ranger Select Fermented Chlorella Tablets are highly recommended for people who desire superior support for their body's systems. Stock up on this nutrient-rich supplement while supplies last. Don't miss your chance to get the most out of this truly remarkable fermented version of chlorella.


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